A Missionary, from the Cradle to the Grave


Empowered to finish the work that Christ began 2000 years ago, in the Ministry of Healing, Teaching and Preaching



To quicken the second coming of God


What is Remissionary?

Remissionary is an online medical missionary training hub, that gives guidance to everyone accessible to the site, to know what to do when there is no doctor, to know about leading a healthy lifestyle and to be informed of the current affairs in the revelations of the biblical prophecy.


Remissionary Organization

Remissionary is operated by a small group of youths in Kenya, but volunteers within and without contribute in the writing of the articles.


How did Remissionary get started?

Remissionary began in 2019, by Haydn Amboga, who was a university graduate with a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science. He attended a Medical Missionary Training Program which took place in 2015 in India, at Peaceful Valley Health Farm Foundation, and was convicted to use the knowledge and talents he gathered as a website developer, as a film-maker and as a graphic designer, to be a medical missionary.

He was excited about the idea of revealing to the world that Jesus is coming soon, and he ever since has been spreading messages of hope, love, and the soon return of our Savior Jesus Christ.

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