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A Revolutionary Hymnal App,
that will make lively worship sessions.

Help us in developing an amazing and advanced platform where christians and children will find a divine and solemn experience, in singing or listening to elevating songs and sermons. Find a divine and solemn comfort in listening to the spiritually elevating songs, sermons and lessons.
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Why Develop this Application

The main challenges experienced digitally when using other applications and the revolutional solutions that have been designed making the music ministry easy.

Main Challenges and the Revolutionary Solutions.

These are the features that are unavailable in many other applications.


Find a list of all approved songbooks in the application. Choose languages of choice too.

Local Favorite Christian Songs

Find any local non hymnal song in the application and enjoy singing it with the unlimited instrumental backups.

Detailed Downloadable Music Score

Download the music score from the application, from the music sheet tab. You can also view it better by tilting your phone.

Easy Quick Navigation

All key features of the application are easily and quickly accessible from the song page.

Complete Information about the song

You can quickly go through the background information about any given song just within the song page itself.

Well, many hymnal applications do have an instrumental backup. Why still should we find this a challence?

Usable Instrumental

I have seen many applications with an instrumental backup. But, their qualities are not really usable for performances. We are creating usable instrumental backups for all songs, both in the church stage, or at a house-church.

List of Instrumentals

We will create many instrumental backups or instrumentals for each song in the application. We will specifically create; Plain Piano instrumentals, Mixed instruments, and an arranged backup for both plain piano or both.

Requisition of instrumentals

If your song needs a special accompaniment, and you need something different from those that are available, we will receive your request and make for you an appealing instrumental accompaniment, to your liking.

When you open your song of choice. How do you find your keysignature or tempo? This is how you find it.

Listen to the Key of the Song

Once you open your song, tap on the key signature and it will play the key and chord for the song.


You can choose to sing-along with the default instrumental accompaniment. It has a beautiful introduction which should help you jump in to the song.

Do not just intend to sing. Know the background information of the song.

Daily Pop ups

Each new day will bless you with a "Did You Know?" information for random songs. This will reveal more about some songs than what already people know.

Bible Study Snippet for each song

Each song will have a bible study or snippet which includes testimonies made from these songs.

Know the authors

Read the biographies of the contributors of these songs, and all their works and the years they were active.

Access Sound Studio services from your mobile Phone

Get almost all sound studio services from your mobile phone. With a number of sound engineers, producers, composers and content creators working with us, be sure to receive world class quality services for your project.

Know More...

We are looking for Music Service Providers

If you are a professional in any of the vast spaces of the music industry, we would like to work with you in; -

  • Making instrumental music upon a user's request.
  • Artistically translating songs to other languages.
  • Harmonizing and writing music notations for songs.
  • Artistically translating songs to other languages.
  • Training choirs and preparing them for recording.
  • Offering music classes and voice coaching sessions.
  • Creating content for the online radio.
  • Re-arranging existing music songs.
  • Creating content for children.
  • Composing music, and many more.
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Main pages of the Application

The Index Page

Designed with an appealing layout, with the quickest navigation abilities to any song in the database. The following are the index features.

  • Alphabetic List: It has all songs organized alphabetically.
  • Topical Index: It has all songs arranged theme-wise.
  • Favorites: It has all your bookmarked favorites.
  • Modal Keypad: On launch, a modal window of the keypad pops up.
  • Language selection: Selection of songbook or song language.

The Lyrics Page

Enjoy singing from clearly readable lyrics on the application, where you can as well choose the font of choice or background of choice for the layout. These are the features; -

  • Song title(s) that the song is know for
  • Easily know the key of the song by tapping and listening to the key indicated for the song.
  • Know the composer of the song, the lyricist or any contributor to the song.
  • Easily switch from one song or songbook without going back to the homepage.
  • Leave a comment or inquiry about the song just right on the same page.
  • Share the current song directly to other online social media accounts.
  • Select a list of many instrumental backup tracks available for each song and use it to sing along.
  • Select to listen to a performance of the current song from the online database.
  • View your list of bookmarked favorites without going to your account or homepage.
  • Use slides to view the lyrics in an even better visual representation.
  • You can sing-along using the karaoke created and available for the current song.
  • Simply swipe to go the previous or next song.
  • Swipe and hold to jump to tens of songs ahead.

Music Sheet for Staff/Stave Notation

Are you an instrumentalist who finds it hard always opening your songbook and trying to get it ready to use? This is usually a challenge to pianists and organists. The problem is solved!

  • View the clearly presented music sheet for all songs available in the database.
  • Use an ipad for better clarity than a phone, and simply tap to open a song.
  • For better viewing of the song, simply flip your phone to the right and the sheet is even clearer.
  • Download the original sheet, simply by pressing and holding it, then choosing the download option.
  • Get an advanced music score for 4-part voices and instruments.

About the Song

Every composer was inspired to write each song on various occasions for various reasons or experiences. This information is usually testimonial and to most people, it will be elevating.

  • Understand the experience that made the author write the current song.
  • Read other testimonials of people who have been inspired by the current song.
  • Listen to unlimited performance of this song online.

About the Composer

Most song writers and contributors to our music are not known very well. Most of their biography is not known. Here you will know them and the rest of their works.

  • Know the name of the composer, lyricist or contributor to the song.
  • Know more about and during their active years.
  • Know more of their other works and contributions.
  • Get to understand the experiences or inspirations that led authors to write these songs.
  • Read other testimonials of people who have been inspired by the current song.

Sidebar Features

The sidebar reveals more advanced features of the application. This is the door to the backend of the user or contributor. These are its features; -

  • User Account Details, where they can manipute the app according to their preferences.
  • A portal to apply to be a contributor to the company.
  • Find any random instrumental available on the system or request for one.
  • Request for a song to be written for your event or choral recording.
  • Request to have choral training assistance.
  • Listen to unlimited songs and sermons on the online radio.
  • Apply to learn how to play piano or guitar.
  • Apply to have voice training or voice coaching sessions.
  • Report a bug or write to us for more information.
  • Access all mind-building content for your children.
  • Access all system settings on this end.

Central Features

Online Radio

Listen to lists of inspiring categorized music by genre, tempo or mood. Be also blessed with unlimited sermons to light up your day.

Kid's Contents

Let your kids enjoy listening, learning and enganging in mind building programs and activities.

4-Part Training

Let your choir learn technical songs without much straining to invite physical trainers.

Learn Piano & Guitar

Do you want to be a pianist or guitarist for your church? Get here, learn and be a master!

Perfect Vocals

You have been worried for sometime that you are not a good vocalist. Start voice coaching sessions today.

Music Project

Have you had a problem trying to get the right instrumental for your music album? Let us solve that problem today!

Remissionary Organization Officials

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Digital Operations

Steyner Nyagwachi

Analytics Officer

Belden Orina

Research Director

Pardon Samson

Technical Assistant

Teya Atinda

Marketing Director

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