Remissionary is an organization that was formed with an aim of doing Media Evangelism, in Kenya, and to the rest of Africa. We are a group of young men with talents in Website Development, Graphic Design, Music Production and Filming, and we have done couple of projects for local clients and few from abroad. We have had a desire to do Medical Missionary Work, and we have realized that this is where God wants us to be of use in His Ministry.

We need to set up a complete Media Centre, where we can be able to work together from. We also need facilities that will enable proper media evangelism. The following are the facilities that we would like to acquire

The above equipment will enable us to do a full-time ministry, as graduates of Computer Science, Sound Engineering and Filming, yet use the knowledge we have to employ ourselves fully in the Digitalized Medical Missionary Work

To support us, or to send your donations, send them to; -

Haydn Amboga

Remissionary Organization

254726104422 – 40200, Kisii Kenya

+254 726 104422, +254 733 405655


To make a donation, send it to; -

Bank: Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) - Kisii Branch

Name: Hasatec Multimedia and Technology

Account Number: 1275641075

Thanking you in advance, and God bless you!

Remissionary Organization

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